Martin Reiter (AT), Jörg Fischer (AT), Johannes Braumann (AT), Florian Nimmervoll (AT)

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The omnipresence of plastics has already become invisible to us because we are so used to it. By placing artifacts into an ever growing artificial/natural environment, recipients may look at the circular economy from different angles. Plastic passes through several stages in its life cycle, a process that can be experienced first-hand in this exhibition. Our recycling journey begins at the “wasteyard,” where the different types of plastics are explained and selected for recycling. After passing through a shredder, a mixer and an extruder, the recycled items are now ready for further processing. Using manual injection molding machines, small practical components can be made by the visitors themselves. Small 3D printers produce unique components from recycled materials with the help of filament. A 3D printing robot will directly recycle the shredded waste and transform it into large components.


Martin Reiter – Institute of Polymer Product Engineering, Johannes Kepler University Linz
Jörg Fischer – Institute of Polymeric Materials and Testing, Johannes Kepler University Linz
Johannes Braumann – Creative Robotics, University of Arts Linz
Florian Nimmervoll – Industrial Design, University of Arts Linz