Ars Electronica Gardens Exhibition


Summer Sessions at Ars Electronica 2022

V2_ Lab for the Unstable Media (NL)

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The Summer Sessions pop-up exhibition at Ars Electronica Festival 2022 shows a selection of outcomes realized through the international exchange of emerging talents within the “Summer Sessions” network.

”Summer Sessions” are short-term residencies for young, emerging artists, organized by an international network of cultural organizations. Each summer, the partners that participate in this network for talent development collaborate to offer professional production support and expert feedback to artists in the realization of a new artwork or design. Local talents from each partner’s geographic region are scouted and selected for a residency abroad, where they are offered highly productive atmospheres and specific kinds of expertise at one of the international partners in the international network. While the pop-up exhibition illustrates the kind of results that this pressure cooker residency format results in, a live event will highlight the experiences that participants have had abroad, and the effects these experiences had on their early careers. The event will also form a meeting point to discuss how to strategically further develop international opportunities for emerging and young professionals among past, present and future partners of the network.


V2_ Lab for the Unstable Media is an interdisciplinary center for art and media technology in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. V2_ presents, produces, archives and publishes research at the interface of art, technology and society. Founded in 1981, V2_ offers a platform for artists, designers, scientists, researchers, theorists, and developers of software and hardware from various disciplines to discuss their work and share their findings. In V2_’s view, art and design play an essential role in the social embedding of technological developments. V2_ creates a context in which issues regarding the social impact of technology are explored through critical dialogue, artistic reflection and practice-oriented research.


The project was developed as part of the Summer Sessions Network for Talent Development program at V2_ Lab for Unstable Media.