Press Releases: Ars Electronica Center

Museum of the Future, School of the Future: Blending art, science and technology is the Ars Electronica Center’s approach to its role as a Museum of the Future and School of the Future. Here, biotechnology and genetic engineering, the neurosciences, robotics, prosthetics and media art constitute interactive experimental arrays that convey an impression of how our world and our everyday life could be in the near future. All of our exhibitions and presentations are oriented on this question, open up manifold perspectives on our nature and how we see ourselves, and show their potential future manifestations in tangible forms to effectively convey them to the general public. As a School of the Future, we also blaze new trails in science education and offer an extensive curriculum of pedagogical programs for all types of schools and grade levels. This museum premiered in 1996 and was expanded and enhanced in conjunction with Linz’s stint as European Capital of Culture in 2009. 170,000 to 185,000 visitors tour the Ars Electronica Center each year.

Ars Electronica Center