Prix Ars Electronica

Photo: Ars Electronica / Martin Hieslmair

Artificial Intelligence & Life Art

Win the Prix Ars Electronica’s Golden Nica, up to 10,000 euros and a prominent appearance at the Ars Electronica Festival with your Artificial Intelligence & Life Art project!

The next submission phase for this category is scheduled to start in mid-January 2025.

The category “Artificial Intelligence & Life Art“ is dedicated to artistic practice and thinking related with all areas of Artificial Intelligence and Life Sciences. Eg artwork engaging with Biotech, Genetic Engineering, Synthetic Biology etc as well as Machine Learning, Deep Learning and any other form of Artificial Intelligence Research.

We are also looking for artists who explore the intersections of these areas, such as robotics, androids, prosthetics or projects that address environmental issues, our bio-sphere and biodiversity. Art, science collaborations are of particular interest as are projects that critically reflect the cultural and social significance of AI and Life Sciences, their ethical and philosophical dimension as well as the role of policy makers, governments and the industry.

What can you win?

1Golden NicaStatuette, 10.000 Euro prize money, Award certificate, prominent appearance at the Ars Electronica Festival
2Awards of DistinctionsAward certificate, prominent appearance at the Ars Electronica Festival
up to 12Honorary MentionsAward certificate

What should you enter?

In the Artificial Intelligence & Life Art category the following areas are covered…

Transgenic Art

Bio Art

Artificial Life

Art & Science collaboration projects

Hybrid Art

Machine Intelligence based artworks

Machine Learning based artworks

Robotics / Kinetics

Autonomous Installations / Artworks

Performance and Stageprojects

Media based Interventions in public spaces

Media architectures

Software Art

Generative Art

Environmental Art

Who can submit an entry?


The following materials are needed for the submission. Please note, that the Jury’s decision will be primarily based on the video documentation.


All entries will be judged by a Jury of experts in the order of their arrival. In addition to the works entered by participants, each Jury may also nominate other works.