AES at Life Radio Research Day

Discussion with well known participants

The 6th Life Radio Research Day took place at the Bergschlößl in Linz. Ars Electronica Solutions Senior Director Michael Badics took part in the panel “Big Data – chances and risks”, which was chaired by Rudi Klausnitzer.

Big Data – Chances and Risks
Rudi Klausnitzer provided an exciting insight to the controversial topic of “Big Data” – the central topic of his book “Das Ende des Zufalls – Wie Big Data uns und unser Leben vorhersagbar macht” (The end of coincidence – how Big Data makes our lives predictable). Together with communication guru Dietmar Dahmen, Netural CEO Albert Ortig and AES Senior Director Michael Badics – as well as the audience – fields of application of Big Data, what kinds of traces everyone leaves without knowing, and what these data are used for.
(Source: Life Radio)

Foto Credits: Cityfoto

Event: Life Radio Research Day
Place: Bergschlößl Linz
Date: 08. Oktober 2013

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Life Radio