Multifunctional Multimedia Room and Customized Applications.

With the opening of the world’s first Neuro Campus Hotel DAS MORGEN in Vitznau (CH), an Ars Electronica Solutions project was also realized. A versatile, multimedia room was created, which was equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

The room boasts 19 projectors that illuminate the entire main wall, the floor in a 16:9 format, as well as the side walls on the ground floor. A 3D audio system ensures an immersive auditory experience. The technological foundation is based on the Deep Space 8K technology developed at Ars Electronica, which has unique functionalities for immersive spaces. Following the ‚Cubo Negro‘ in Mexico, another Deep Space 8K was created in Vitznau, which is compatible with the Deep Space 8K available at the Ars Electronica Center, allowing for the exchange of content. The Deep Space technology has been expanded technically and in terms of content by Ars Electronica Solutions to enable additional usage scenarios with additional AV media technology in the multimedia room, including the ‘Journey through the Universe’, which can now also be experienced in Vitznau.

Ars Electronica Solutions also developed two custom applications for the multimedia room. ‘Ruf zum Widerhall’ (=Call to Resonance) is an audiovisual composition in which the visualization reacts in real time to an artistically interpreted yodeling, recorded specifically for the project at the Lucerne School of Music. The visualization and composition honor the musical traditions of the canton of Lucerne and the ‘blue hour’ by the lake. Another interactive application is dedicated to Lake Lucerne. The lake and the surrounding landscapes and towns such as Lucerne, Küssnacht, Horw, and Brunnen are projected onto the floor of the multimedia room on a large scale. Visitors can wander through the room from a bird’s-eye view and explore the surroundings, with projected hotspots activated by automated position recognition. This allows visitors to learn about local culture, history, and cuisine.

During the opening weekend, the multimedia room and its applications were presented to the public, with the diverse possibilities for use of the room taking center stage. On one hand, the room served as a foyer with an impressive real-time visualization, where visitors were treated to exquisite gastronomy during concert events in the chamber music hall. On the other hand, the multimedia room will be a venue for various events and gatherings of all kinds in the future. The opening was just a taste of the immense potential of this multifunctional space.

“Even the standard setting before concerts […] hinted at its potential for cultural projects and presentations. The multi-layered, intricate line play on the floor and side walls, as well as a sound cloud with yodeling voices floating on top, put the visitors into a kind of trance before entering the chamber music hall.” (Translated from German)
(Luzerner Zeitung)

“The room becomes a shared, interactive experience. Lights run over an area of approximately 250 square meters. The floor and walls can be illuminated, with the aim of arousing emotions in visitors. The room is also interesting from a tourism perspective. Upon request, it can be turned into a map, allowing visitors to move around the Lake Lucerne region while being surrounded by acoustic soundscapes featuring sounds from the local area.” (Translated from German)
(Bote der Urschweiz)

“Ars Electronica Solutions’ immersive multimedia room, designed with state-of-the-art technology, is now a permanent fixture of the Vitznau Campus for Culture and Cuisine. Visitors can experience unique immersive multimedia experiences with scenarios such as a journey through the universe or an interactive representation of the Lake Lucerne region. This high-tech room is an integral part of the Vitznau campus, offering visitors a truly one-of-a-kind experience.” (Translated from German)
(Pressemitteilung, Das Morgen)

Project Credits:
Chris Bruckmayr, Florian Berger, Stefan Dorn, Dominik Trichlin, Michaela Fragner, Andreas Pramböck, Patrick Müller, David Holzweber, Harald Moser, Markus Wipplinger, My-Trinh Müller-Gardiner, Kati Romics, Fadil Kujundzic, Michael Mondria, Michael Mayr, Isa Schölmbauer
AUDITORIA LTD: Scott Willsallen, Joe Callister
dasDur: Christian Steinhäuser, Max Trieder
Audio Visual Solutions AG

Foto Credits:
Florian Voggeneder, Isa Schölmbauer
Zu den Bildern!

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