Joseph Haydn: Symphony No. 94 in G major, The Surprise

How can you stage The Surprise?

  • Festivals
  • Event highlight

What does The Surprise offer you?

  • Internationally unique show
  • Intense attention

3D Music Visualization
Joseph Haydn’s Surprise Symphony is visualized via three-dimensional animation based on a cube.
In tune with the score’s first movement, the visual impression is manifested by gentle motion that gains strength in the second movement and also branches off in variations triggered by “the surprise,” the pounding of a kettledrum. Based on the folk music of the day, the third movement inspires the animated cube to perform dancelike twists and turns. To make this happen, the Particle Engine software developed especially for this piece takes up the structures of the music and builds them into the movements of the particles. This engine is also what generates the stereoscopic effect that enables the images to break through the level of a two-dimensional screen and make a new acoustic world audible by concertgoers. The fourth movement delivers the rousing finale in the form of a kaleidoscopic cornucopia, an act of particulate pyrotechnics.

This music visualization was realized by the Ars Electronica Futurelab.