KTM – Innovation Lab Revisited

Workshop in the KTM Innovation Lab“

The brand-new KTM Motohall, Mattighofen’s new architectural landmark, opened in spring 2019. On three levels, it houses a state-of-the-art interactive exhibition all about motorcycles and motorsport heroes, their history and innovations, technology and engineering around the KTM brand.

The Innovation Lab on the lower floor was designed and realized by Ars Electronica Solutions. There, visitors can playfully learn how to work with design and production processes and try their hand at various tools in workshops. These include design software, laser cutters that enable cutting and engraving, and 3D printers that convert digital models into physical objects. In the process, both special implementations of objects to the individual, creative development of their own ideas are in demand.

In order to evaluate the experience and work out improvements, KTM and Ars Electronica Solutions held a workshop a year later and improved the mediation concept, renewed content and procedures in order to fully exploit the potential of the Innovation Lab. In addition, a concept for online mediation was developed – the “eEducation KTM Motohall 2020”, taking into account the cooperation eEducation Austria & KTM Motohall.

The excellent collaboration is based on the customer’s trust and Ars Electronica’s experience in mediation strategies.

Ina Badics, Florian Cossee, Stefan Dorn, Florian Hofer, Michael Mondria, My Trinh Müller-Gardiner, Andreas Pramböck, Dominik Trichlin, Markus Wipplinger

Foto Credits:
My Trinh Müller-Gardiner, Florian Cossee