SILHOUETTE @ Ars Electronica Center

Media Production for “Global Brand Conference”

For Silhouette, the world-famous eyewear maker, the most important date on the corporate calendar is its annual Global Brand Conference (GBC). This year, the Ars Electronica Center was selected as the venue, and Ars Electronica Solutions was commissioned to produce the event and coordinate all the project participants.

At the top of Ars Electronica Solutions’ to-do list was a 3-D media production for Deep Space. In order to blend a wide variety of preexisting video material into a fluid Deep Space narrative featuring 3-D elements, Ars Electronica Solutions had to occasionally reach deep into its bag of production tricks. An animated, digitized globe makes it possible to behold the world of Silhouette from afar before moving in for an in-depth look. To tell more about Silhouette’s latest trailblazing development, its innovative Lenslab and the new product line associated with it, visitors are transported into the company’s Linz headquarters. To do it, 4K drone footage of the production facility and office complex was shot, transitions from the 2nd to the 3rd dimension were produced, and preexisting video material got a stereoscopic animated makeover. This delivered an extraordinary virtual experience to those attending the Silhouette GBC.

The film’s soundtrack was a highlight in its own right. This occasion was the first time that a work produced by artificial intelligence has even been performed in Deep Space. Ali Nikrang, software specialist and musician, did the programming—the input was a series of parameters; the output was a composition; and the outcome was a harmonious, opulent tonal experience that complemented the film quite nicely.

Project Credits: Stefan Dorn, Ali Nikrang, Markus Wipplinger, Claus Zweythurm
Foto Credits: Ars Electronica Solutions