The Sensuality of Spaces & Science Experience

Sensuality of Spaces highlights how cutting-edge visualization techniques are used to create sensual spaces that not only touch society but also have a strong local connection. The aesthetics of the space are made palpable and the community is the focus.

In the Science Experience, immersive experiences serve to impart complex data in a captivating and easily understandable way. The goal is to make knowledge transparent to people of all ages and backgrounds. By fusing creative design and technical brilliance, Ars Electronica Solutions opens up a dimension of immersion that serves, on the one hand, to impart knowledge in a deeply moving and inspiring way and, on the other hand, to create a social space that appeals to all the senses, as well as the transparency of knowledge.

Michael Mondria (AT), Chris Bruckmayr (AT), Harald Moser (AT), Ina Badics (AT), Michaela Fragner (AT),