Virtual Environment

How can you deploy Virtual Environment?

  • Real-time 3D planning & simulation space for large and/or complex forms (e.g. construction industry, interior decorating, design of machinery and plant facilities)
  • Marketing support in the form of a unique product presentation
  • Interactive product presentation in showrooms and at tradeshows

What does Virtual Environment offer you?

  • Novel product experience for clients/customers
  • Walk-through 3D space that’s adaptable in real time
  • Space-saving simulation of large objects like machines, buildings and grounds
  • Simulation of key variables such as time of day and lighting factors
  • Large-scale lounge installations or compact mobile solutions

3D Stereoscopic High-end Real-time Visualization
Virtual Environment provides companies with a unique way to present their product lines. By employing real-time 3D, a product can be viewed in a setting that does justice to its features and the presentation modified any way the customer wants.
Real product samples serve as Virtual Environment’s interface, which gets across an excellent impression of the real thing. The product samples equipped with RFID chips are positioned on an interface pedestal, and thereby trigger the depiction of the product in the corresponding setting. The prospective buyer can now move about freely through the virtual environment, modify the ambient lighting, and examine the surface structure from all possible angles and distances.

[tubepress video=4i9PASIRwzw]
Virtual Environment was realized by the Ars Electronica Futurelab.