Isala: Citizen-science map of the vaginal microbiome, Photo: Isala Team

European Union Prize for Citizen Science exhibition


Zum ersten Mal verleiht Ars Electronica im Namen der Europäischen Kommission den European Union Prize for Citizen Science. Die Ausstellung zeigt die Vielfalt und außergewöhnliche Kreativität der europäischen Citizen-Science-Initiativen.

Der Gewinner des Grand Prize, Isala: Citizen-science map of the vaginal microbiome, die Gewinner der Category Awards für Diversity & Collaboration, das Urban Belonging Project, und für Digital Communities, The Restart Project: The Right to Repair and Reuse your Electronics, veranschaulichen das breite Spektrum der Herausforderungen, die Citizen-Science-Ansätze erfolgreich adressieren. Die 27 Honorary Mentions verbinden empirische und wissenschaftliche sowie humanistische und künstlerische Forschungsmethoden mit der Einbindung der Zivilgesellschaft.

Sie sind in fünf Sektionen unterteilt, die die Art und Wirkung dieser Ansätze widerspiegeln:

A Shared Sense of Place

Catch the Water Monsters; CurieuzeNeuzen; Ocean Routes: Exploring and valuing the maritime culture of Esposende–An ocean literacy and citizen science approach; Phénoclim; Surfing for Science; Surfside Science

Breaking Black Boxes

#SOPHYGRAY; ARTigo: Social Image Tagging; Dark Sky Meter; Europeana Transcribe on; EVE Online’s Project Discovery

Mapping the Human and Non-Human

DRYRivERS: A citizen science app for advancing the science and management of intermittent streams; European Bird Census Council: Citizen scientists monitoring birds for policy, research and society in Europe; Mosquito Alert: Community intelligence for mosquito-borne disease preparedness and response; Projecte Rius; Project Roadkill; Whale Track: Community marine mammal monitoring for nature restoration

Pushing for Change

SensJus: Sensing for Justice; Paleo-energy: How forgotten patents can shake the future; GEOVACUI-2: Citizen Science and cooperation initiatives against depopulation of rural areas; Digital Violence: How the NSO Group enables state terror; When gig workers regain control: Data governance model for a new French mobility service by gig workers

Co-creating a Future Together

Digi-ID PLUS; AquaGranda: A Digital Community Memory; YouCount: Empowering youth and cocreating social innovations and policy-making through youth-focused citizen social science; CitieS-Health: Citizen Science for Urban Environment and Health; HARNESSTOM Citizen Science Platform: Unlocking tomato genetic resources to benefit farmers, citizens and chefs


The European Union Prize for Citizen Science is awarded in the context of the IMPETUS project funded by the European Union under Grant Agreement No. 101058677 – HORIZON-WIDERA-2021-ERA-01.