Cybi0nt / Asli Dinc (TR), Deniz Kurt (TR), Photo: Asli Dinc, Deniz Kurt


Asli Dinc (TR), Deniz Kurt (TR)

Decoding the Mutations of Truth

This interactive art installation explores the alarming impact of post-truth on our contemporary society, and how this is accelerated by generative AI and deep fake technologies. Cybi0nt uses the symbolism of gene mutation to represent the morphing and distortion of truth, as simulated through a „fake news generator“. This machine generates news targeting European Union policymakers and institutions, demonstrating the destabilizing potential of such tactics in real-world scenarios.

Asli Dinc (TR)

Aslı Dinç is an artist and researcher. Her works focus on dystopian narratives, tech capitalism and interactions between humans and non-human-machines.

Deniz Kurt (TR)

Deniz Kurt is an artist and researcher. Her works explore the intersection of technology and art, algorithmic aesthetics and computational creativity, and speculative future scenarios.