The Loot Bag Theory of Fiction / Photo: Nicolas Bailleul

Dispensable Loots

Nicolas Bailleul (FR), Hortense Boulais-Ifrène (FR), Lorena Lisembard (FR)

This proposal is conceived as a harvest in our fields of research: survival games (Nicolas Bailleul), GTA-like (Lorena Lisembard), and virtual worlds (Hortense Boulais-Ifrène). By applying various methods of gleaning objects in different online worlds, we aim to develop a typology of “dispensable object” by exploring the act of looting as an artistic gesture.

What is the status of these objects, which are not essential to the game but fill our inventories? What functions and desires do they fulfill?

Nicolas Bailleul (FR), Hortense Boulais-Ifrène (FR), and Lorena Lisembard (FR)

Nicolas Bailleul, Hortense Boulais-Ifrène, and Lorena Lisembard are three artists and researchers based in Paris. They work as a collective at the crossroads of social, artistic, and media studies.