FactWave FM / ShangYunWu , Photo: ShangYunWu

FactWave FM

ShangYunWu (TW)

FactWave FM: „Where Truth Blends with Trend“ is a media and sound art project that delves into the fusion of human and AI elements to create an immersive news radio experience. Inspired by a real Generative AI News report on the „Pentagon Explosion,“ which caused panic in America, this project integrates emotional news content and AI voice technology.

By combining human creativity with AI-generated content, FactWave FM challenges traditional news consumption. As Taiwanese, we face a significant amount of fake news from the Chinese government. FactWave FM provides a dynamic platform that empowers the audience to navigate the vast ocean of fake and factual news. Through interactive installations and experimental audio compositions, it prompts critical thinking and fosters media literacy. FactWave FM seeks to reshape the relationship between the audience and news, inviting them to actively participate in the exploration of truth in today’s complex media landscape.

ShangYunWu (TW)

ShangYunWu is a sound and media researcher, designer, and technologist. Her research and design practice has focused on the “Sound and Media“ area aiming to shift perspective from how information is sent to how it is sought for shaping human communication patterns, especially focusing on sonic information.