Fictitious Realities: AI-based Photo Reportages / Ivo Hänisch (DE), Ron Kluge (DE), Laura Wolf (DE), Photo: Ivo Hänisch, Ron Kluge, Laura Wolf

Fictitious Realities: AI-based Photo Reportages

Ivo Hänisch (DE), Ron Kluge (DE), Laura Wolf (DE)

The debate about the supposed objectivity of a photographic image is as old as documentary photography itself. But how to deal with this question if what is depicted did not exist in the first place? Three AI-generated photo reportages each focus on a fictional individual from different decades in Germany’s history. The goal was to explore whether and how AI is able to capture subtle and complex emotions, historical contexts, and social meanings in photographs.

Ivo Hänisch (DE)

Born in rural Thuringia, Ivo Hänisch moved to Berlin in 2010, where he finished a master degree in communication science at UdK. He then worked for several years in the media and culture sector, including the Berlinale, rbb and Universal Music. Since 2021, he has been studying design with a keen interest in documentary and topographic photography.

Ron Kluge (DE)

Ron Kluge, born in Berlin, is a qualified pharmaceutical technician and has been studying design since 2021. His current focus is on expanding his skills while collaborating on small design projects. He has a particular interest in conceptualizing and designing works that are not only aesthetically appealing but also serve a purpose for society.

Laura Wolf (DE)

Laura Wolf has been studying graphic design in Berlin since 2021. Her focus lies on print and editorial design, as it is her passion to make design applicable and tangible. Besides taking on smaller jobs in corporate design, she also works in artist management for public television.