MEMENTO / Jon Tan (SG), Benjamin Lim (SG), Photo: Jon Tan, Benjamin Lim


Jon Tan (SG), Benjamin Lim (SG)

Memento is a collaborative animated film portraying the intricacies of our emotional lives by exploring the trappings of our personal memories. The film utilizes a train journey as a metaphor to depict the path of life and its trials, with characters personified to our core emotions making their entry and exit at each stop. This vivid portrayal underscores the fact that our being is a culmination of all past experiences and interactions.

Jon Tan (SG)

Jon Tan is a multi-disciplinary Artist and Designer based in Singapore that engages in a range of personal and commercial projects rooted in re-imagination, culture and the human experience. His practice threads between art and design; to design with intent and relive them with art.

Benjamin Lim (SG)

Benjamin Lim combines visual communications and animation to create premium 3D visuals. As a Creative Explorer, I collaborate with those who crave innovative visual storytelling, lifting brands above the ordinary. Drawing inspiration from research and customization, each project is tailored to meet the client’s specific needs.