Photo: Luka Carlevaris

Micro need for speed

Luka Carlevaris (SI)


Motorsport is very interesting and colorful, but this entails the fact that it is the only sport that directly affects the pollution of this planet. Micro need for speed is a work combined from motorsport photos projected onto the surface of the water on top of the tire tower. The situation with microplastics is getting worse and I want to highlight this dark side of racing with my product. That is why every viewer will get a black reminder when they dip their finger in the water.


Mentor: Robertina Šebjanič (SI)
University of Nova Gorica School of Arts (SI)

Photo: Nik Bavec

Luka Carlevaris (SI)

Luka Carlevaris is a photographer from Slovenia. His work covers a wide range of photographic genres, including sports, reportage, portraiture and commercial photography. He also occasionally creates personal projects in other arts.