Photo: Sam Erpelding

Saxicola Rubetra L.

Sam Erpelding (LU)

Sound Installation

Protecting an environment means that an environment has already been polluted to such an extent that some protection is needed. Before protecting something, man should save it from unwanted harm. Change as something fruitful and yet self-destructive at the same time. Space creation for the wealthy, and space elimination for the needy. Cultural heritage results not only from high performance achievements, but also from historical buildings and ecological protection.

Urban green zones, urban parks, and urban gardens to preserve biodiversity, improve the overall quality of life, and provide a safe haven for non-human earthlings. However, such green oases often project the spirit of the times, as well as the human urge to control nature. Man is now faced with the question of how wild nature is allowed to behave in areas populated by humans. A question that is also reflected in this sound installation. In this way, this installation also aims to question the extent to which artistic ecological research can promote an awareness of the loss of biodiversity with the help of imaginary soundscapes. To what extent can audible truth in the form of surreal soundscapes represent ecological issues?