aaron's law–A Tribute to Aaron Swartz

  • Why I Am Not Gay

    Why I Am Not Gay

    Günter Friesinger (AT)

    For this exhibition, Günther Friesinger provides us with four AI-generated portraits of Aaron Swartz that he created for the AARON’s:LAW exhibition at Schloss Wolkersdorf. The images are inspired by a personal encounter with Aaron Swartz at one of the early Arse Elektronika conferences in San Francisco.

  • AV-Service Lounge

    AV-Service Lounge

    net:art coordination center; Renate Kreil (AT)

    AV-Service Lounge offers podcasts, videos by and about Aaron Swartz, and insights into the aaron’s law project series that began on January 11, 2023. The three parts of the exhibition are closely intertwined to provide visitors with a broad spectrum of artistic-technical content and the scope of Aaron Swartz’s sphere of influence in general.

  • Insight:Aaron


    Schubert Theater Wien (AT)

    INSIGHT:AARON depicts the metamorphosis of an analog work of art into a digital one, and the transformation of the persona of Aaron Swartz and his astounding works. The VR and the AR project evolved through several stages and was repeatedly viewed, questioned, and redirected.