O cea n fli g ht / Jonny-Bix Bongers (DE), Christian Schmidts (DE/RO), Orhun Mersin (TR), Fang Tsai (TW/DE), Photo: Jonny-Bix Bongers, Christian Schmidts, Orhun Mersin, Fang Tsai

MA Design & Computation, New Practice in Art and Technology

University of the Arts Berlin (DE), Technical University Berlin (DE)

How do we engage with the rapid transformations caused by technological systems and their vast social and cultural effects? Virtual identities, spaces, infrastructures and models are becoming increasingly recursive, latching onto the physical and the metaphysical, inscribing their logics into bodies, landscapes, geopolitics and culture.

This year, the first master works from Design & Computation are on display, focusing on aspects of virtuality through the lens of identity and space. They are joined by works from the master of art‘s current year-long research studio, bringing together students from a large variety of previous fields of study and testing, probing and developing new media, materials and methods in their interdisciplinary project work. Students and researchers in this model program have access to a broad curriculum including the most diverse teaching and research cultures, merging together both theoretical and practical approaches. The program’s research platform New Practice in Art and Technology brings together the research activities emerging from the master’s program, creates networks through its weekly event series inviting artists and scientists from diverse backgrounds and fields, and provides a space for publishing both artistic and scientific work.

  • Hyperspace


    Kinan Sarakbi (SY), Lucy Rolbin (DE)

    Hyperspace fosters a palpable link between individuals and their surroundings, forging a tangible connection. It invites visitors to actively partake in a reciprocal conversation with an interactive environment, where the amalgamation of multi-sensory encounters blurs the demarcation between the physical and the virtual realm.

  • O cea n fli g ht

    O cea n fli g ht

    Jonny-Bix Bongers (DE), Christian Schmidts (DE/RO), Orhun Mersin (TR), Fang Tsai (TW/DE)

    The performance questions how we present ourselves in the digital realm, exploring avatars and metaverses as essential aspects of our future society. This piece uses digital media to foster self-expression and community formation, departing from traditional forms of representation.

  • Studio Design & Computation

    Studio Design & Computation

    University of the Arts Berlin (DE), Technical University Berlin (DE)

    The research studio at Design & Computation presents works around its yearly theme, starting from Bruno Latour’s notion of the “Terrestrial” as a mode of inhabiting both a local and global scale.


Curator: Manuela Naveau (AT)