HC SVNT DRACONES / Juliane Jaschnow (DE), Stefanie Schroeder (DE), Photo: vog.photo


Juliane Jaschnow (DE), Stefanie Schroeder (DE)

Humanity’s most significant legacy will be its nuclear waste. We follow an online conference on the search process for a final repository for nuclear waste that does not yet exist and will be closed for one million years. How will this place be marked, what can remain legible and for whom, human and non-human life forms? The nature of the warnings to the distant future is contained in a permanent loop between virtual and real space. Hic sunt dracones (Here be dragons) served as a warning of unexplored and dangerous territories; early globes and world maps pictured the space beyond the known world with mythical animals, monsters, sea serpents. One way for humans to open up unfamiliar terrain for use is to adopt the animal’s gaze.

The multi-channel installation HC SVNT DRACONES is an outgrowth of the research for a partially three-dimensional film about warning signs, feedback loops, fluorescent bird flocks, eternity damage, insect VR cinema, geology and political systems.


This project is funded and presented in the context of the EMAP project co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

Additional funding by the German Federal Film Board FFA.

With the support of the Centre for the Advanced Study of Collective Behaviour/ LocustVR, University of Konstanz. LocustVR is a combination of a locomotion compensator sphere for freely moving animals and a perspective correct virtual reality projection.

Photo: Juliane Jaschnow

Juliane Jaschnow (DE)

Juliane Jaschnow (*1989) is an artist and filmmaker. Working with film, video, installation, object and print she discusses contemporary and historical image politics as well as collective narratives, memory processes, and their identity-creating dimension. Her work has been shown in international festivals and exhibitions such as transmediale Berlin, Deichtorhallen Hamburg, National Gallery Prague, DOK Leipzig, steirischer Herbst Graz. She is part of the Filmic Initiative Leipzig FILZ, co-founder and co-curator of .mpeg art space and a member of Initiative Kino in Bewegung.

Photo: Stefanie Schroeder

Stefanie Schroeder (DE)

Stefanie Schroeder works in photography and film. She tries to combine a documentary approach with strategies from conceptual art and is interested in social usages of photo and video, work / labor and their images, (mental) landscape transformation processes, East Germany, ghost pictures and spam mails. Stefanie studied photography at HGB Leipzig, participated in PMMC Masterclass/Lab by werkleitz e.V and in MDM pilot program for experimental film. She is a member of Filmische Initiative Leipzig and of artspace .mpeg.