Noctam.jpg / Ilay Skutelsky (IL), Photo: Ilay Skutelsky

Dual Space

Musrara, the Naggar School of Art and Society (IL)

The Musrara School exhibition brings together two young creators, students of Musrara, the Naggar School of Art and Society, Jerusalem, exhibiting fragments of their graduation projects.

As an educational institution for art studies, Musrara constantly strives to find new approaches and concepts in the fields of art and allows each student to develop and specialize practically and conceptually according to his or her inclinations and personal and professional ability.

Ilay Skutelsky, a student of the Department of New Media Art, and Shelly Reizis, a student of the Department of New Music, both present, each in their own unique voice, a point of view that dismantles and rebuilds structures based on nature and culture. For this, tools and practices taught in Musrara are used, as well as unique personal languages. In both projects, the code and algorithm are used as a technique for disassembling and reassembling images, and at the same note becomes an image in itself that is displayed next to the others.

  • Entering a Room and Seeing All Those Same Faces Again (ERSATSFA)

    Entering a Room and Seeing All Those Same Faces Again (ERSATSFA)

    Shelly Reizis (IL)

    The installation Entering a Room and Seeing All Those Same Faces Again is a musical algorithm which outputs small musical compositions from reconstructed audio recordings. The algorithm performs audio-descriptive analysis on the recordings, reducing the audio source to numbers.

  • Noctam.jpg


    Ilay Skutelsky (IL)

    As the moon gets fuller and brighter, more data is introduced to the image, and the source code grows, creating a tide of data that rises and falls with the moon’s cycle.


Musrara qualifies students for professional and artistic advancement with a commitment to community and social activism. The School’s core Departments, Photography, New Media

Art, New Music, Visual Communication and advanced studies in Phototherapy, offer the students a 3-year multi-disciplinary track. Musrara School runs various annual empowering photography workshops for underserved communities, tours and workshops, the JerusaLAB; an interactive laboratory, three international art galleries, the acclaimed annual international Musrara Mix Festival and more.


School Founder and Director: Avi Sabag Sharvit, Head of the New Music Department: Amir Bolzman, Head of the New Media Art Department: Ayala Landow, Participating Artists: Shelly Reizis and Ilay Skutelsky, External Relations: Dana Shahar; The participation in the festival is made possible thanks to the support of Les Amis de Musrara, France.