Ex Nihilo / Niccolò Abate (IT), Nikita Raina (US), Shaye Thiel (CA/US), Katie Weitzmann (GB), Lyla Zhou (CN) , Photo: –

Ex Nihilo

Niccolò Abate (IT), Nikita Raina (US), Shaye Thiel (CA/US), Katie Weitzmann (GB), Lyla Zhou (CN)

Ex Nihilo: “Out of Nothing” addresses storytelling through digital media, merging the five authors’ personal experiences to highlight the political position of the digital landscape through a confrontational Virtual Reality experience. The journey consists of becoming a digital human and all that entails, such as identity, gender, race, sexual harassment and escapism within five episodes.

Niccolò Abate (IT)

Niccolò Abate is a Milan – London based multi-disciplinary artist. Abate’s work revolves around their collective “Covo”, based in Pisa, Italy, exploring interactive experiences and exhibitions around the concept of music within a digital-hybrid world.

Nikita Raina (US)

Nikita Raina is an Atlanta-based musician who recently graduated with an Industrial Engineering degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Raina has a background in UX design, broadcast video production and computational media.

Shaye Thiel (CA/US)

London based multidisciplinary designer and artist, Shaye Thiel, critically questions the relationship between Film, Art and Technology through new ways of making. Thiel has exhibited internationally in Los Angeles, New York, London and Berlin.

Katie Weitzmann (GB)

Katie Weitzmann is a London-based digital creator who graduated with a History and Politics degree from University of Birmingham, and recently completed the Fine Art Graduate Diploma at UAL Chelsea College of Art.

Lyla Zhou (CN)

Yanjun Zhou is a Los Angeles – London based artist, designer and writer who received their BFA at California Institute of the Arts. Zhou has practitioner experience with theatrical festivals, residential art galleries and collaborative exhibitions internationally.