Meet the Artist – FASHION FRONTIER PROGRAM / Yuima Nakazato (JP), Ryua Honda (JP), Takahito Iguchi (JP), Yukari Wada (JP), Photo: tom mesic



Climate change, racism, economic disparity … We human beings are facing a number of serious challenges. And now it is obvious that the fashion industry has to fundamentally change. Under these circumstances, FASHION FRONTIER PROGRAM is a project designed to act and lead our society in the right direction, by searching, praising and educating future fashion designers. We need to make changes, and the hope is that this program will move us towards to a better future. Age, gender, race … Anyone can apply to this program. We expect someone with a passion to become a fashion designer. We will ask the selected candidates to present the design of a garment that represents social responsibility and creativity at a high level. Throughout the process, we will provide materials, support from technical advisors and an opportunity to learn, together with input from experts from various fields.  


Founder: Fashion designer Yuima Nakazato  

Sponsored by Seiko Epson Corp., GOLDWIN INC., TOYOSHIMA & CO. LTD., Wacoal