Hearophone / Musikmittelschule Eggenburg , Photo: Karin Krottendorfer-Stift


Musikmittelschule (Music Middle School) Eggenburg

The Eggenburg secondary music school is implementing a mobile listening station with the He[a]rophone project, which gives students insight into the new technology of the three-dimensional printing procedure, and how the production changes as a result.

Prior to the beginning of the project, the former room for the computer science class was redesigned into an “open learning space/ future room” which serves as an experimental, creative and improving zone for students. The “MintSpace” is equipped with tool-walls, soldering stations, 3D-printers and electronic elements. With the tools required to produce the listening station, the students are able to learn about independent, creative and collaborative work with analogous and digital technologies.

The main site of the listening station will be the library of the secondary music school. The station can be used during lessons, but can also be placed in in the classroom or the assembly hall. In fine weather, the station can be put in the schoolyard, too. Moreover, in future the headphones will be recorded and programmed by students themselves.

The listening station offers students the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of audio books, podcasts or music during class, breaks or waiting periods. Hard copies of the books can be read along as required while listening to texts. A cooperation with the city library of Eggenburg is under consideration—this way different media could be exchanged regularly.


Schule: Musikmittelschule Eggenburg

Schulgruppe: Schwerpunkt MINT

Schüler*innen: Fabian A., Luca B., Lena B., Jonas D., Lena D., Leni D., Sophie D., Valentina H., Fabian K., Tobias L., Luca L., Lisa-Marie M., Marlon P., Nina Sch., Luca S.

Lehrperson: Karin Krottendorfer-Stift

Musikmittelschule (Music Middle School) Eggenburg

The STEM focus group consists of students from grades 3b and 4b who attend the STEM program. At the beginning of the year, the project idea He[a]rophone was presented to the students. The students of 3b and 4b were able to apply for participation in the project by means of a letter of motivation. A total of 15 students were selected, eight of them boys and seven girls, who have been working on the project since the beginning of the school year.

Karin Krottendorfer-Stift is a teacher at Eggenburg Music Middle School. She also teaches “Coding and Robotics” and “Digital Basic Education” courses at the Eisenstadt University of Applied Sciences.