Computer Music / Lea Luka Sikau (DE), Photo: Lea Luka Sikau

IDSA Founding Lab Summer School Exhibition

IDSA Founding Lab

In the context of this year’s IDSA Founding Lab Summer School, students worked in groups on topics such as Biotechnology and Art, Computer Music, Creative Robotics, Brain-Computer Interfaces, Future Materials and AI/Data Bias. During the Ars Electronica Festival, the public is invited to visit the students’ exhibition, which explores these topics from a variety of cultural studies perspectives.

  • AI Arcade

    AI Arcade

    Adelaida Mukhitzhan (KZ), Andrea Sante (IT), Jack Heseltine (AT), Johanna Einsiedler (AT), Linas Vaštakas (LT), Mar Osés (ES), Maria Kuzmina (IL), Nathan Cornishm (GB), Nathanya Queby Satriani (ID), Radina Radoeva Kraeva (BG)

    AI Arcade taps into the nostalgic allure of 80s arcade culture to prompt contemplation on the evolution of technology and the existing biases that permeate AI systems. Visitors are transported into an arcade setting where they engage with vintage-style games that teach the principles of pattern recognition and reinforcement learning.

  • care_full


    Amanda Bennetts (AU), Annan Zuo (CN), Songyu Bao (SG), Dimitris Mertzos (GR), Julie-Michèle Morin (CA), Jul Schadauer (AT), Letta Shtohryn (UA), Nat Rivera (CO), Nikola Gruev (BG), Priyanka Shrestha (NP), Marta Zgierska (PL)

    As part of the project Organ of Radical Care: Una Matriz Colaborativa, artists Charlotte Jarvis and Dr. Patrica Saragueta held an outdoor demonstration in which they transported the protagonist of their work: a collective uterus. This artistic project is a site of reflection on the future of reproduction.

  • Future Folds: Origami Reimagined

    Future Folds: Origami Reimagined

    Augustas Lapinskas (LT), Chiao Chi Chou (TW), Eko Saputra (ID/IT), Emmanuel Suomo (CM/GB), Habeel Alam (PK), Kevin Blackistone (AT/US), Miquel Alexandre (ES), Miyu Horiuchi (JP), Mrinalini Singha (IN), Sutanuka Jashu(IN/FR), Elie Lomami (BE)

    The blending of the ancient craft of origami with cutting-edge robotics, represents a harmonious union of tradition and innovation in an age marked by quick technological advancements. Through mechanical transformation, the static forms in this exhibition come to life, capturing the fleeting nature of time.



    Alec Garcia (PH), Bart Kuipers (NL), Benedikt Friedl (DE), Brian Contreras (GT/SG), Chelsi Goliath (ZA), Cyan D’Anjou (NL/GB), Kaisa Lindström (EE/DK), Marcello Giuttari (IT), Matteo Johannes Bürgler (AT), Riccardo Petrini (IT), Yue Song (CH/GB)

    OF(F) THE GAZE delves into the complex and at times contradictory interplay between humans, machines, and their visual engagement. The robotic dog, Spot, is absent in form yet remarkably present, materializing through visual projections that perfectly mirror its computational gaze.

  • Stationary Algorythmics

    Stationary Algorythmics

    Lea Luka Sikau (DE), Qi Chen (CN), Orina Dorothy (KE), Ahmad Abou Adla (LB), Claudio Hontana (ES), Chonglian Yu (CN), Hotti Böhm (DE), Christóbal Parra (CL), Youngjun Choi (KR), Nico Espinoza (CL), Kaito Muramatsu (JP), Jeri Ho (TW), George Kuhn (GB)

    This interdisciplinary group had the chance to work with Miller Puckette, the inventor of pure data and Max MSP, two softwares that were defining for computer music in the last decades.

  • Unveiled Truths

    Unveiled Truths

    Anna Grelik (DE), Chantal Pisarzowski (DE), Claudix Vanesix (PE), Deepti Dutt (IN), Ghazal Hosseini (IR), Jahan Amanmuradova (TM), Jeanyoon Choi (KR), Karmele Ustarroz (ES), Luisa do Amaral (BR), Lía Esteban (ES), Pritha K. (ES), Sonia Litwin (PL), Pinyao Liu (CN)

    The project explores the notion of transparency as a human capacity or impossibility andhow technology enables the interplay between transparency, vulnerability, and identity. The notion of transparency manifests itself as a communication vessel between humans andtechnology, as an interface and as a question we pose to the public.