A Meditation on Noise and Signals / Jade Lien (TW), Jett Lien (TW), Photo: Jade Lien

A Meditation on Noise and Signals

Jade Lien (TW), Jett Lien (TW)

In today’s information age, how to extract desired information and filter out unnecessary signals from the noise field in this world is an art form we must master to find inner peace. In the visual component of this work, a series of clear images are turned into noise and transformed into an abstract landscape while in the audio component, noise is in turn converted into music. By juxtaposing these methods, the boundary between noise and signals is reinterpreted, creating a meditative audio-visual experience.

Jade Lien (TW)

Jade Lien is an emerging multimedia artist based in Taipei, Taiwan who has experimented with different mediums including film, photography, writing and digital art. Her work is deeply rooted in self-exploration and focused on the relationship between future technology and the human experience.

Jett Lien (TW)

Based in Taipei, Taiwan, Jett Lien is a sound artist, musician, vocalist and composer. From an early age, he has cultivated a deep-rooted passion for music, which propelled him to seek out fresh and distinctive sounds. Recently, his focus has gravitated towards the realm of electronic tones, infusing his compositions with an innovative edge.