Kunstuni Linz – ONB-Labs

  • Echoes of Experience

    Echoes of Experience

    Valentina Rodríguez (CO/AT)

    This project presents a digital open letter using Travelogues- and AKON-archives from the library’s digital collection. This work arises primarily from a sentimental relationship with the archive and personal experiences as a migrant.

  • Hyperconnected Past

    Hyperconnected Past

    Miguel Rangil (ES/AT)

    Can artificial intelligence be a tool that speaks to us about the essence of things? Can we extract “something” that unifies a heterogeneous dataset?

  • Horizon Noise

    Horizon Noise

    Lisa Puchner (AT)

    As the horizon stands for distant desires, postcards are similarly projections of a place, staging horizons and views accordingly. Using the AKON archive, I experimented with abstraction and sonic translation of these views and horizons to have a new “look” at the aesthetics of historical postcards and how these shape our ideas of places.

  • Blumenstadt Venedig oder Die Elektrische Stadt. Exterritorial.

    Blumenstadt Venedig oder Die Elektrische Stadt. Exterritorial.

    Katharina Birkmann (DE/AT)

    Virtual archives are created by simultaneously “being in space”, re-animating hybrid impressions of space, time, memory and knowledge. The Würstelprater and its historical development since 1895, between real places and fictional architectures, introduces concepts of representation, authenticity, visibility and stories of simulation, renaming and virtuality.