S+T+ARTS Initiative

  • Award Ceremony (with invitation only)

    Award Ceremony (with invitation only)

    The spotlight is on the artists and initiatives, prizewinners of this year’s Prix Ars Electronica, S+T+ARTS Prize’23 and the winners of the great new prizes from the European Union and our cooperation partners.

  • S+T+ARTS Prize Exhibition

    S+T+ARTS Prize Exhibition

    This year‘s exhibition showcases two Grand Prize winners and a selection of honorary mentions and nominations that demonstrate the potential of artistic and creative input to create an impact by addressing current ecological, technological and socioeconomic issues.

  • Re-build Together: Digital, human and arts-driven innovation in Africa

    Re-build Together: Digital, human and arts-driven innovation in Africa

    Gideon Brefo (GH), Chris Emezue (NG), Femi Johnson (NG), Tammy Langtry (ZA), David Shongo (CD)

    In this conversation, we will discuss ways to re-build the story and pathway of our countries and continents, seeking to know and understand the role that digital, human and arts-driven innovation is and can play in Africa.

  • Ars Electronica Theme Symposium: The Next Renaissance

    Ars Electronica Theme Symposium: The Next Renaissance

    A S+T+ARTS Day Conference

    This year’s STARTS Conference explores the conflicting ethics, values and priorities that arise as a result of accelerating technological and societal development.

  • ALMA Toolkit

    ALMA Toolkit

    Giulia Tomasello (IT), Isabel Farina (IT)

    Join us for the ALMA Toolkit Workshop, an empowering event aimed at addressing crucial knowledge gaps in vaginal health and promoting self-management of intimate health. ALMA Toolkit is a set of educational materials and tools designed to democratize and destigmatize intimate health learning. It encourages self-awareness, self-exploration and self-management of the body.

  • The Anoiksis Experiment

    The Anoiksis Experiment

    Jennifer Kanary (NL)

    How does your Anoiksis work? The Anoiksis Experiment is an artistic thought installation of a single word: “Anoiksis” that represents our creative survival mechanism. Understand Anoiksis and we may not only understand how we build our realities, but also how to reserve space for deviating realities.