The Looting Bag Theory of Fiction

  • Spolia Mundi

    Spolia Mundi

    Angelica Ceccato (IT)

    By 2030, some private space agencies will have launched over 58,000 new satellites into near-Earth orbits, giving substance to the syndromic theory of Kessler-Cour-Palais (1978): a collision between orbiting bodies – be they artificial or natural – causes an unstoppable chain effect. The sky hosts a hyper-congested belt of debris and wounded, exhausted satellites.

  • Chat Chouquette

    Chat Chouquette

    Vincent Bonnefille (FR)

    The idea is to create a thematic mashup based on various sources of inspiration. The resulting iconography is designed to immerse the viewer in a world of visual representation, losing focus, confusing purposes. Not exhaustive, this portrait tends to gather and collect content around specific hotspots.

  • Dispensable Loots

    Dispensable Loots

    Nicolas Bailleul (FR), Hortense Boulais-Ifrène (FR), Lorena Lisembard (FR)

    This proposal is conceived as a harvest in our fields of research: survival games (Nicolas Bailleul), GTA-like (Lorena Lisembard), and virtual worlds (Hortense Boulais-Ifrène). By applying various methods of gleaning objects in different online worlds, we aim to develop a typology of “dispensable object” by exploring the act of looting as an artistic gesture.