Token Realm / Hengwei Ye (CN), Jingjie Lu (CN), Photo: Hengwei Ye

Token Realm

Hengwei Ye (CN), Jingjie Lu (CN)

Six different mystical environments in the form of an altar explore one’s sense-perception of the world. The hybrid audio-visual environment is only complete when viewed through the HoloLens 2, allowing audiences to interact with the work from various perspectives.

Hengwei Ye (CN)

Hengwei Ye is a CS student specializing in game development at Shanghai Tech University. He stands as the first graduate from the SCA with a minor in interaction design, and continually seeks innovation at the intersection of gaming and technology.

Jingjie Lu (CN)

Jingjie Lu majored in industrial design in the School of Creative Arts, ShanghaiTech University in China. He’s got a passion for design with a sense machinery while fancying the style of epic fantasy and magic. Besides, he’s quite good at modeling and has a fine hands-on ability.