Tomo / Lilith Yu (CA/US), Marco Wang (HK/US), Ken Nakagaki (JP/US), Photo: Lilith Yu


Lilith Yu (CA/US), Marco Wang (HK/US), Ken Nakagaki (JP/US)

Tomo is a physical toy that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to chat and play with humans. Tomo is designed to ask intriguing questions, spark curiosity, foster creativity, and encourage exploration. As people engage with Tomo, it becomes increasingly attuned to their feelings, displaying a genuine “care” for the user.

Through Tomo, we ponder questions for our future relationship with AI, “What does it mean to grow up with AI?” “How does AI affect our relationship with our toys, peers, parents and computers?”


Audrey Yu for her voice which was used to generate the AI voice of Tomo; ShaoBo Zhang for help with initial prototyping.

Lilith Yu (CA/US)

Lilith Yu is an undergraduate researcher at AxLab, majoring in Mathematics and Media Arts & Design.

Marco Wang (HK/US)

Marco Wang is a collaborating software engineer with a BA/MA in Computer Science and Physics at Northwestern University.

Ken Nakagaki (JP/US)

Ken Nakagaki is an assistant professor of Computer Science Department at the University of Chicago, directing AxLab.