zwischenraum – interspace – acoustic cartography / Julia Jasmin Rommel (DE), Photo: tom mesic

zwischenraum – interspace – acoustic cartography

Julia Jasmin Rommel (DE)

Digital Musics & Sound Art

Award of Distinction

This project is based on an artistic exploration of the acoustic measurement of space.

zwischenraum – interspace – acoustic cartography is an audiovisual installation based on several cartographic documents. Some of them are long-term documentations of the relations of different places to each other, others are concrete snapshots of linear distances. The work describes a temporal-spatial interval—a mental state we enter in our routine of crossing distances. It addresses aspects like transitions, restlessness and continuity, sense of orientation or change of direction, which are documented by experimental but context–related criteria and methods. Space-structuring elements such as tunnel and bridge crossings, counter-trains, flight booking data, or curve angles, form the parameters of these movement protocols. (…)

Julia Jasmin Römmel’s interest lies in the interface between reading signs and interpreting images, and how this is related to the potential of acoustic information as a tool for spatial orientation. The design of a “cartophony” wants to enable a multilayered perception of information through the interaction between the two different levels of visual and auditive perception.

Jury Statement

zwischenraum – interspace – acoustic cartography is based on an artistic exploration of the acoustic measurement of space, dealing with the aspect of orientation, while reflecting on the phenomena of ubiquity and space. The work can be considered as an audiovisual installation or a

concert piece that presents several cartographic sketches. Some are documentations of the relationships between different places, others are snapshots of linear distances. One part, for example, explores the documentation of tunnels and bridges on a train journey, while another is a documentation of curves measured with a compass and the time relationship between the booking date of a flight and its departure. Julia Rommel translates these measurements into a series of tiny, visually animated sound generator structures that perform and display the sound operation, while being formed in abstract analogy to the data performed. With this meta-notation, she exploits animated minimalist scores that allow for surprising insights while listening and watching. The work represents a stunningly clear, minimalistic and beautiful realization of data sonification in an undeniably creative artistic way.

Excerpt from the jury statement


Concept, cartography, sound: Julia Jasmin Rommel
Residency at Hertz Lab at the ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe

Julia Jasmin Rommel (DE)

Julia Jasmin Rommel´s work concentrates on the intersection between information and scenography. Beside her artistical and theoretical examination on the topic of (dis-)orientation and her passion for cartography, she is creating stage design and spatial interventions for contemporary and classical music theater productions. She has been collaborating with Zafraan Ensemble Berlin, Berliner Philharmoniker and the Ministry of Operatic Affairs among others. Furthermore she has been working as a designer for signage systems, e.g. Elbphilharmonie Hamburg (for Integral Zürich). Julia studied visual communication and scenography in Berlin, Stockholm, and Zürich.