Up, up, up! – Build and launch your own rockets

In four group exercises, the students build three different rockets. The first is a simple paper rocket with a straw as propulsion into which they blow. The second is a more complex paper rocket with a water bottle as propulsion that is squeezed. The third is a rocket with chemical propulsion. Students launch their rockets while investigating which variables are relevant to flight distance and trajectory. In doing so, they develop a basic understanding of the characteristics and operation of rockets.

Raketentechnikerinnen unter sich
Female rocket engineers among themselves

Fast Facts:

  • Duration 1 -2 teaching units
  • Preparation time: 30 minutes
  • Material costs: low to medium (under 20 euros)
  • Form of instruction: practical group work, explorative learning


Students learn:

  • What a rocket is and why it rises upwards
  • What stabilizes a rocket and the importance of the individual components
  • That the flight distance of a rocket depends on the initial launch energy and the initial launch angle.
  • That energy is needed to make objects move
  • To develop and test your own ideas
  • Interpret results from experiments and draw correct conclusions from them
  • To develop own projects

    Letzter Check vor dem Start!
    Last check before launch!


The materials for this resource consist of a teacher section and a student section, which are available for download here. The materials include background information, lesson plans, and worksheets.


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