Step into space – Traveling exhibition

This traveling exhibition is dedicated to the topic of space and travels from school to school. It consists of three modules and is easy to set up. A training for teachers is included; it will inform participants about the contents of the exhibition and present possible teaching scenarios and further teaching material.

Target group: upper and lower secondary school

The three modules:

Module 1: What we made from space – How does space exploration affect life on Earth?

Here, the impact of space exploration on daily life on Earth is explored by highlighting innovations that space science has developed, as well as space careers.

Handout for module 1.

Module 2: Through the Lens of Space – How does space exploration enable us to observe our own planet?

Here we learn how satellites enable us to observe our planet. We learn how to read satellite images, how to use publicly available information, and what we can do together to help combat the climate crisis.

Handout for module 2.

Module 3: Austria in Space – What is Austria’s contribution to space?

Austria has been an active player in space for many years. Here we will present how many companies and research institutions in Austria are dedicated to the topic of space, which training opportunities exist, as well as offers for schools.

Additional missions for students can be found here.

Credit: Laura Welzenbach

Credit: Philipp Greindl

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Part of this exhibition has been on display in 10 different countries from December 2019 to October 2020. The title of this exhibition was SpaceEU.