Online Networking Party

Meet the concert visitors online:

Join the Ghost Dive session to experience the networking party in first-person view! Ghost Dive gives you the experience of a visitor on site via a person in Linz, wearing a camera helmet with screen and microphone. You can participate in the party by asking the wearer to walk around and talk to others in your place.

Ghost Dive is a new setting to provide a live experience for the online participants of this year’s  Ars Electronica Festival. Using a special device that has a camera, a microphone and a 7 inch screen integrated in it, a person who wears the device will appear as a guide for the festival guided tours, or as a participant onsite at the festival event. Online participants can see the view from this person as if they would be at the festival venues physically.

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Futurelab Day – Night Performances

Thursday, 9. September 2021
21:15 – 21:30
Ars Electronica Center / Online