CanSat from 14 years New First prize

The task of the participating teams is to build a satellite the size of a drinking can. This is transported by a rocket to a height of several hundred meters and ejected. During the descent back to the ground, the CanSat has to complete missions.

Mission X 6 to 14 years Extended

Mission X is an international school competition that has been running since 2011 and is held annually in 28 countries worldwide. NASA and ESA have developed a series of exercises and lessons that teach space knowledge, exercise, sport and the importance of healthy eating in everyday life.

AstroPi Challenge 8 to 19 years Modification

There are two levels of difficulty. This is an annual ESA science and programming competition in which students are given the opportunity to run their codes on the International Space Station (ISS).

Climate Detectives 8 to 19 years Extended

A local climate problem is to be identified and investigated using satellite images and on-site measurements.

Moon Camp Challenge from 6 years Modification

Suitable for beginners and advanced students. Here, students become space adventurers and design a habitat on the surface of the moon or explore other worlds in our solar system. Free choice of format and software.