Werden Sie ESERO Austria Space Ambassador!

Starting from the 2024/25 school year, we want to further intensify and expand our offerings for schools – and we want you to become a ESERO Austria Space Ambassador! Seize the opportunity now and help us inspire students in mathematics, computer science, natural sciences, and technology with the fascination of space and space exploration!

What does ESERO Austria offer you as a Space Ambassador?

Note: Since the program is still in development, there may be additions and changes.

  • A personal kick-off visit to your school by ESERO Austria, led by Peter Habison (astronomer and science communicator), for pre-discussion and an inspiring workshop with your class.
  • Continuous support for ESERO Austria activities and general inquiries.
  • Prioritized access to information and materials from the European Space Agency (ESA) and other educational resources.
  • A personalized welcome package.
  • Our Step into Space traveling exhibition will come to your school.
  • The opportunity to be part of the growing Space Ambassadors network (once available).
  • Easier access to ESA teacher training sessions.
  • Support for travel costs to attend meetings in Linz (details to be defined).
  • Name recognition as a Space Ambassador on the ESERO Austria website.
  • If positively evaluated, the option to extend your role as a Space Ambassador for ESERO Austria.
  • And more.

    What are your responsibilities as a Space Ambassador?

  • A strong identification with ESA and ESERO activities, as well as the field of STEM education.
  • Active participation in ESERO projects and booking online class visits.
  • Introducing the ESA and ESERO Austria to your school or class.
  • Submitting an end-of-year report on the activities conducted.
  • Active participation in meetings and other Space Ambassador network activities.

    We look forward to working together with you to foster enthusiasm for space exploration and science, inspiring students in STEM subjects!

    How can you become a Space Ambassador?

    Express your interest in becoming one of the first ESERO Austria Space Ambassadors by September 15, 2024!

    Yes, I want to become a Space Ambassador!