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Flying Modular Comm Relay

Unmanned aircraft with a modular swarm control unit

Unmanned aircraft (1) having a drive unit (2) for permitting the aircraft (1) to fly in the airspace, and having a flight control unit (3) which is designed to receive control information from a radio remote-control system or to bring about positions of the aircraft (1) in the airspace which are characterized by stored position information, in order to control the flight path of the aircraft (1). A modular swarm control unit (6) is provided which has a first interface (7) to the flight control unit (3) and a second radio interface (8) to a ground swarm control unit (15) or to swarm control units (6) of other aircraft (1), wherein the swarm control unit (6) has signal-generating means for generating control information corresponding to the radio remote-control system or transmission means for transmitting said control information, and is designed to output via the first interface (7) to the flight control unit (3) swarm control information which is relevant for the swarm flight of at least two aircraft (1).

All versions: AT16013U1, WO2018195573A1, AU2018258641A1, US11340608B2, EP3545381B1