The Ars Electronica Futurelab is a laboratory and atelier for future systems. As the think-and-do tank of the Ars Electronica, it always places the human being at the centre of the research, considering the social aspects of technological developments such as artificial intelligence, robotics, media architecture, interactive technologies, new aesthetic forms of expression or swarm intelligence and their effects on the future of society.

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At the interface of art, technology, and society, it creates future visions, which are realized for the public, together with cooperation partners from the fields of business, culture, research, and education. It networks and discusses the methods of creativity and technology to accompany this development, and shapes future trends and visions. It develops new concepts for an autonomous future society in an inspiring field of tension between disciplines and transnational cooperation.

Visions for the future

The network and team of international artists and scientists in the Ars Electronica Futurelab comes from a wide range of disciplines and is concerned with the development and evaluation of technological innovation. Transdisciplinary research is a proven method to create new future approaches, possibilities, and inspirations and has become a multiplier in the process of developing new social and cultural conventions. The Ars Electronica’s laboratory for innovation and sustainable change pushes the boundaries of what is possible day after day, taking a joint step to the future. With tangible future visions and artistic explorations it is humanizing technologies and novelizing cultural experiences, calling up to social participation and responsible creativity. All concepts and designs for the future are the result of many successful collaborations with art and culture, educational institutions, industries and businesses.

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News & Blog

Find out more about the Ars Electronica Futurelab on the Ars Electronica blog: a look behind the scenes, excerpts from everyday life in the lab, interviews with the project teams and much more.