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Laser Drones

Unmanned aircraft and system for generating an image in the airspace

The invention relates to an unmanned aircraft (1, 10, 20) having a drive unit (2) for permitting the flight of the aircraft (1, 10, 20) in the airspace and a data processing unit (3) designed for controlling a position or a chronological sequence of positions of the aircraft (1, 10, 20) in the airspace substantially in real time based on position information, wherein the aircraft (1, 10, 20) has at least one laser means for emitting and/or manipulating at least one laser beam (7), and the aircraft (1, 10, 20) has a communications unit (5), wherein the data processing unit (3) is designed for receiving and/or transmitting the position information by means of the communications unit (5) substantially in real time.

All versions: EP3481720B1, AT16608U1, US20190291893A1, WO2018009950A1