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Multi camera drone formation

A system for controlling unmanned aerial vehicles in a flight formation in order to film a moving object using several cameras

A system for controlling at least two unmanned aerial vehicles in a flight formation, wherein each aerial vehicle has a flight control unit for controlling the flight path of the aerial vehicle and a camera that may be rotated by an orientation means about one axis, wherein in the system there is provided a flight formation control unit for the wireless communication with the aerial vehicles. The flight formation control unit is configured to control the flight control units and the orientation means during a recording of a moving object that will be filmed so that a spatial arrangement of the aerial vehicles in relation to the object and the orientation of the optical axis of each camera in relation to the object and/or in relation to the orientation(s) of the optical axis/axes of the other camera(s) is substantially maintained and optionally adjusted substantially in real time.

All versions: EP3630606A1, AT16628U1, WO2018213860A1, US11334076B2