Bug’s Beat

Yumi Sasaki, Dorita Takido


Humans cannot normally hear the sound of a bug’s footsteps. But Bug’s Beat transmits the amplified sound of a bug’s footsteps directly to the human auditory system through directional speakers. And by vibrating the listening chair via vibration speakers every time the bug takes a step, this device allows the observer to perceive sound as a bodily sensation.

Humans visually perceive a small bug, but hear the loud sound of its footsteps and feel this sound as a vibration. There is a discrepancy between the visual information about the size of the bug and the auditory and physical perception of the noise it makes. This disorientates the observers, who may feel as if they have shrunk or as if the little bug has become gigantic.


Thanks to:
Yoshio YAMASAKI, Professor Emeritus, Acoustic Laboratory Waseda University
Tarô ADATI, Professor, Department of International Agricultural Development, Tokyo University of Agriculture
Kenji SUDA, The Musashino Natural History Society
Support: Project to Support the Nurturing of Media Arts Creators, 2015

Photo: Takehiro Goto

Dorita Takido (JP) is an artist, designer, director, and musician based in Tokyo. Her basic creation policy is to create new experiences by combining different senses, such as the visual and taste perception and auditory and visual perception, on an acoustical base. She produces works by paralleling technology and design.

Yumi Sasaki (JP), born in Tokyo, works as a staff member of the science museum in Tokyo. She is constantly thinking about how to enjoy playing and learning with kids.