Exploring the future together with kids …

“For children, the whole world is a huge research laboratory, in which every moment can become an experiment and every path an expedition.”
Jutta Schmiederer

The Ars Electronica Center offers a special space for families to discover our natural and artificial, digital and analog realities. Build animals out of Lego together with your kids to bring them to life virtually with the help of artificial intelligence, or browse together through their first experience with the topography of this world in our Augmented Reality Sandbox. Frolic along with all manner of robots to unravel the mystery of programming, or magically attempt to compose a piece of music together. Embark on a trip of discovery through the microcosm with Tardi the tardigrade, or use polarizing filters to track down light. And in our interactive 3D experience world Deep Space 8K, even the very youngest can enjoy their first virtual adventure! Whatever you choose to do here with your children, on your journey through the Ars Electronica Center, families will playfully engage with our increasingly digitalized everyday lives and explore the burning future issues that are currently shaping our world.

Highlights for families