Photo: Ars Electronica Center / Birgit Cakir

Interactive stations, works of art, research projects, large-scale projections and laboratories. The new Ars Electronica Center invites you to exciting and inspiring excursions into the future fields of artificial intelligence and neuroscience, robotics and autonomous mobility, as well as genetic engineering and biotechnology!

Being Anton

Upper Austria celebrates Anton Bruckner, we celebrate with him! With “Being Anton” and “Playing Anton”, we want to introduce you to his world of sound and the acoustics of his time in a very special way.

Deep Space 8K

Experience fascinating visual worlds in 8K resolution on 16 x 9 meter wall and floor projections. Thanks to the latest laser technology, you can experience unique presentations of gigapixel images, 3D animations and videos in razor-sharp brilliance.

Understanding AI

Find out what artificial intelligence is, what applications already exist and what they are already capable of. The exhibition shows, for example, the structure of neural networks and offers the opportunity to train them yourself with numerous interactive stations.

Global Shift

The exhibition deals with the many facets of global change and transformation. What does the new geography of the digital age look like? How are populations and their structures developing? What will our world look like in the future?

Ars Electronica Labs

The interweaving of different knowledge cultures is a central approach for the Ars Electronica Labs. Find out how citizens are actively involved in shaping our world, how the human body can be extended by means of technology, how (new) materials are used to innovatively produce things and how the smallest biological structures and processes shape our lives.

There Is No Planet B

The way we use the planet’s resources is a major cause of global warming. The exhibition not only emphasizes the urgency of taking immediate action, but also presents possible solutions for overcoming the climate crisis.

Kids’ Research Laboratory

Young visitors have time and space to play and discover in our Kids’ Research Laboratory. Whether digital, analog, natural or artificial – for children, the world is a single laboratory in which every moment can become an experiment and every path a journey of discovery.

AI x Music

AI x Music is an exhibition about the encounter between artificial intelligence and music and the encounter between human creativity and technical perfection.

Open Sound Studio

Try out digital music production tools for yourself and gain experience in new worlds of sound. The Open Sound Studio is the best place to do this.


Connections between biological systems and artificial technologies help us to better understand the functions of our brain. The brain-computer interface has the potential to improve the rehabilitation of neurological patients.

Me and the Machines

Do you trust machines? Does your robot vacuum cleaner already have a name? Alternating works, curated by the scientific team of the Robopsychology Lab at the JKU Linz, invite you to join in the research, try things out and reflect on how we deal with technology.