Forward-looking technologies, art and social change are key milestones in our program – the focus is always on people. In this regard, we don’t see the Ars Electronica Center as a temple of knowledge that provides many interesting facts, but rather as a museum that can listen, that is interested in the views, ideas and concerns of its visitors. We consider a playful, creative approach, enthusiasm for new ideas and the commitment to making them accessible to a broader public to be particularly important in this respect.

To ensure that access to new ideas, inspirations and approaches is possible even in uncertain times, the Ars Electronica Center has developed a series of digital offerings and formats that bring the museum of the future virtually into the classroom and even make it part of individual distance learning. Ars Electronica Home Delivery for schools uses digital and analog tools and tried-and-tested didactic methods to allow students to explore the issues that concern us, and is an ideal complement to remote instruction.

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