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Let us in on your idea for the world of tomorrow and this year’s Golden Nica could have your name on it!

u19-CREATE YOUR WORLD is the competition for creative young people up to age 19 who live in Austria and whose idea of having fun is coming up with something new. We welcome all innovative ideas that can make a positive impact on your world—the world of tomorrow.

You still have until April 6th to submit your entries!

A smartphone has become an essential accessory of a modern lifestyle. Of course, it’s wonderful to have apps that make everyday life a bit easier. It’s also convenient to be able to check your e-mails while on the go. And a quick foray into the internet or entertaining apps really do make time fly when you’re trapped in a queue or waiting room. Here, we present a few examples that some young app & Web designers have come up with.

In 2011, Felix Krause won an Honorary Mention for his “Bikemap App“, a free iPhone app that’s just the thing for cycling enthusiasts. It lets you look up all routes stored at—even while you’re pedaling down a bike path. The positioning function tells you immediately how to get to the nearest routes and each one’s degree of difficulty. So changing plans right in the middle of a tour poses no problem at all anymore.

This year’s u19 entries once again include a few Smartphone applications. Thomas Taschauer’s “Announcify” is an Android app that reads content aloud—for instance, news items, web articles or callers’ names—and thus makes life a lot easier for vision-impaired Smartphone users. Announcify is also available as a Google Chrome extension and can also be used without a Smartphone.


This year, pupils at Großpetersdorf Secondary School designed their own website on which they introduce themselves and share their interests.


So … maybe you’re working on some fascinating ideas too, ones that take an innovative approach to enriching and improving the world of tomorrow? Perhaps you’ve been developing games and apps that others might appreciate too? Or do you give free rein to your creativity in other areas altogether—for instance, animation, graphics or sound art?

Whatever! Get involved in u19-CREATE YOUR WORLD and show the whole world what you’ve been up to in your world!

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