C.LOUD Pro documents the voestalpine Klangwolke

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Martina Sochor , David Panhofer and Barbara Heinzl of C.LOUD Pro

C.LOUD Pro will be following the progress of this event all the way up to the big show in September and documenting it in sound and picture. What they see and what they suss out will be displayed weekly in the form of a video blog. This will give everybody the opportunity to get a glimpse behind the scenes and see what it means to design an evening lineup that fills the entire Danube Basin in Linz.

We’ll be getting into technical issues like logistics and organization, but we’ll also be chatting with experts who can shed some light on the topics that will occupy the focal point during the Klangwolke. So, quite an extensive pool of knowledge will be accumulating over the coming weeks, stuff from which one will surely be able to learn a thing or two.

And the videos will be accompanied by “regular” blog entries—to carry on what has become sort of a tradition, as loyal readers of these lines have come to expect.

Please send your queries, comments or complaints via e-mail to web@aec.at , via Twitter @arselectronica, via Facebook at www.facebook.com/arselectronica as commentary on our youtubechannel..