Turning point. Change your direction.

state of revolution 2,

At what point do I begin to take action? What has to happen for me to get actively involved? How do I react when someone else needs help?

I’m out for a fun night on the town and a brawl breaks out. The old lady in the apartment on the 2nd floor can’t make it up the stairs anymore. A skier goes down hard and lies motionless on the slope. Do I look away or lend a hand?

An earthquake destroys Haiti. Japan is threatened by an atomic accident. Revolutionaries and civilians are being slaughtered in North Africa. Does that affect me?

CO2 emissions are on the rise, entire islands in the Pacific are being inundated by plastic garbage, and food grown by domestic farmers is costlier than the stuff shipped from thousands of miles away. What can I do about this?

When does the turning point come to pass in my life? When do I start making a personal commitment, doing some serious rethinking and inquiring? When do I change my ways?

The Red Cross invites you spend some time on August 31st and September 1st not only considering the above questions but finding answers to them too. Tell us if you want to be involved!

More information is available here.

Please send workshop applications to laura.welzenbach@aec.at
or call us! 0732 7272 73

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